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Évènements / Donations
« le: septembre 19, 2016, 11:39:37 pm »
Do you all accept funding for making emmabuntus possible?  Please provide a link for all to see because i do not see where the link is available.

Just finished getting someone going with Emmabuntus Debian.  I have a few other ?s

Does every user need to have an account that is passworded to take advantage of the security like that?

Why do the scroll bars on the side where the up and down arrows are, scroll so quickly?  When i touch the arrows, it as well homes to the top of the list or page ends to the bottom of the list.

We do appreciate you all's efforst with HP for printer set up support!  I have a lexmark printer that is as old as the HP i installed today and Lexmark's support of that printer of mine last support was for Ubuntu 10.04!  Lexmark should be ashamed of theirselves!  Better yet, the HP Device Manager worked with the HP printer and i received an error message back saying it wouldn't work with Debian 8.6 that was installed!  To my amazement it still printed fine and scanned great as well.  Only one thing i saw with the HP Deskjet 3510 was when selecting what i was scanning only the single or feeder option would work. The  text and photo setting would not accept my choice, so i had to use the single page option.  Please submit to your support staff.  May God bless you all with what you are doing for everyone who uses Emmabuntus!

Yes my Software Updater is configured to tell me automatically when it is supposed to run.  I have a question:  What needs to be done to clean up after update has happened?  Like old files no longer needed or old packages no longer used?

Reason for asking is my system runs slower and slower after the Software Updater has finished and i thought Linux no longer slowed down like the bloated Windows Operating System.

Please help!

Conseils / Selecting Dock between All / Simple / Kids, Question?
« le: avril 23, 2016, 01:08:39 pm »
Can someone tell me the script from the terminal to run where i can get the orginal Emmabuntus Dock back to my system?  After having problems with the dock, i can't get this option to change it.  I said terminal but if there is any other way to do it, either way will be fine.

I left a similiar topic that Patrick helped me a little with but we could never get the standard dock that was installed to Emmabuntus.

Is anyone familiar with the dock settings that could go in and list me every settings details if you have not adjusted your dock?  You right click anywhere on your bottom cairo-dock and go to cairo-dock>configure and i need the appearance tab and the settings for the view, slide and any other settings that would give me the Emmabuntus special functions.

I am missing games, features, customizations of Emmabuntus and would like to have them back without reinstalling distro to my system.  Thank you!

Conseils / Cairo Dock?
« le: février 17, 2016, 01:53:44 pm »
The dock has put a bunch of ? buttons at the bottom of the screen in blue color on the bar.  How can i restore the same launcher bar that is with Emmabuntus 3?  I have tried everything a novice can do with it and i just am in love with the distro!  Thanks!

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