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Installation / Facing problems in both emma de2 and de3
« le: juin 21, 2019, 12:46:20 pm »
I installed emmabuntus de3 alpha few days back but there faced a power manager problem. When I use the power manager to turn off display/monitor after 1 or 2 min, the display goes off and monitor completely shuts down. The display never returns no matter how much I move the mouse or click on several keycaps of keyboard. I would have to reset the pc to get the display of the desktop.

After that I installed emmabuntus de2 1.04 but faced an awkward problem.  Whenever I choose  emmabuntus de2 distro from grub menu, instead of loading to desktop it fails to load to desktop, restarts from the beginning until the grub menu appears and I have to choose again  emmabuntus de2 distro until it loads to desktop. It takes one or two times of restart after I would choose emmabuntus de2 from grub menu and then it would finally load to desktop.

I am not understanding why such problems are happening since I really like to use  emmabuntus de2 or  emmabuntus de3 alpha distro. Any kind of suggestion or advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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