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Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE)

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Very happy indeed with your distro. I was wondering if it is possible to download and install the TDE desktop. I believe it's in the Debian repositories. Thanks


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Hello notlurking,

Have you tried what is stated on this page:  https://wiki.trinitydesktop.org/Debian_Trinity_Repository_Installation_Instructions#Configure_the_package_manager

Make this on EmmaDE4 on a terminal to open sources.list :

sudo geany /etc/apt/sources.list
Add this 2 lines on sources.list :

deb http://mirror.ppa.trinitydesktop.org/trinity/deb/trinity-r14.0.x           bullseye  main
deb http://mirror.ppa.trinitydesktop.org/trinity/deb/trinity-builddeps-r14.0.x     bullseye  main

Save sources.list, and make this on a terminal :

wget http://mirror.ppa.trinitydesktop.org/trinity/deb/trinity-keyring.deb
sudo dpkg -i trinity-keyring.deb
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tde-trinity

Replace lightdm by trinity on screen for configuration, and wait.

After install, reboot your computer, and you had to have this: