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I have tried everything to change the theme to a light or light blue theme in the 32 bit LXQt version with no luck. My eyes can't tolerate the included dark theme. I have downloaded and extracted many themes into/home/myname/.themes
but none but the default debian dark theme show up in appearance themes so I am stuck using the xfce4 version which is slower. I am running the latest version of emmabuntus.The laptop only has 1GB ram. Thank you I am not sure this is the correct forum for this question


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Hello cmcanulty,

Launch this script in a terminal to put a light theme by unchecking the dark theme :

/usr/bin/emmabuntus_config_dock.sh Init
This launcher is in the favorites of Xfce

Your themes you must put them here by launching this command

sudo thunar /usr/share/themes/