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hi I wanted to pose a problem that I have. i installed emmabuntus on a 32 bit acere aspire one and almost everything works except internet which is very slow and then it has no sound. I ask for help, I want to clarify that on the same netbook I have installed windows 10 and it works better than linux emmabuntus I have the audio and the internet is a little faster. Thanks


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Hi Nicola,

All apps are no sound or  someone ?

You can already look in alsamixer (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/Alsamixer)  if there is not muted channel(s) (MM) and also which channel is used (F6).

And also in pavucontrol (https://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/manage-audio-devices-on-linux-pavucontrol/) if everything is well configured.

or in GUI from volume control, see audio mixer.
In pavucontrol, you first look in the last tab "Configuration" which sound card is used and if it is in "analog stereo duplex", then start playing a sound and look in the other tabs of pavucontrol (Play , Output device) if the channels are active.

Give us feedback from:

inxi -Fxx
So that we know what we have to do. (this command gives everything, not just the audio, because I like to have an overview and it can be useful in case of other problems)